Announcing! The Selected Ideas for '100 Things You Want MZ To Do in Space!'

Out of the ideas that came in,
MZ has chosen the 100 he will be
experimenting with!
He will be uploading videos on
YouTube to share the results!

What is ‘100 Things You Want MZ To Do in Space’?

  1. Taking your photo to space!
  2. Answering to young people's questions with Earth as the background
  3. A Closer Look at the Mission Patch
  4. Introducing members who are currently staying on the ISS
  5. Golf challenge
  6. Experimenting with soap bubbles!
  7. Taking Home the Spacesuit Worn For This Flight
  8. Pop-Up Pirate challenge with cosmonauts!
  9. Flying the furthest paper airplane
  10. Monitoring MZ`s blood while in space
  11. Live call with a famous YouTuber
  12. Online shopping on ZOZOTOWN
  13. A video letter sent to a special someone from MZ
  14. Trying out big tricks with a yoyo
  15. Live appearance on a TV show
  16. A tour inside the ISS
  17. Revealing the grand cost of this ISS trip!?
  18. Introducing Earth from the ISS
  19. Night Routine in the ISS
  20. Toilet in space
  21. Finding aliens!
  22. Announcing MZ Santa project 2021
  23. Outfits in space
  24. Painting Art
  25. Talking about World Peace
  26. Playing an Instrument
  27. Haircut in zero-gravity
  28. Body Measurements Before & After
  29. Continuous Backflips
  30. Experimenting the Tennis Racket Theorem
  31. The ‘Kendama’ Challenge
  32. Tweeting ‘Just above Japan’
  33. Delivery to the ISS!
  34. Morning Routine at the ISS
  35. Year-end Spring-cleaning at the ISS
  36. Find a Meteor Shower!
  37. 5 Things To Do Before Space Travel
  38. Making a Japanese Alphabet Poem!
  39. Pranking Someone Who is Asleep
  40. Trying to Wear Slacks Without Using Hands in Zero-gravity
  41. Badminton Match with a Cosmonaut
  42. Making an ‘MZ Space Calendar’
  43. Words Used Often in Space
  44. What to Bring to Space
  45. Physical Training in Space
  46. Filming Video Messages
  47. Live Appearance on Radio!
  48. Searching Up Current Location on Google Maps
  49. Celebrating a Birthday from Space
  50. Moving Using Only Paper Fans
  51. Being a Cosmonaut’s Helper
  52. Brushing Your Teeth in Zero-Gravity
  53. Doing a TikTok Dance in Space
  54. 10X Jump on skipping ropes
  55. Putting together a jigsaw puzzle
  56. What's prohibited in Space?
  57. Tweeting ‘Hi from Space’
  58. Arm-wrestling with the Commander
  59. Shampooing your Hair
  60. Flying on the 'Magic Carpet'
  61. Making a feast for the crew using space food produced by MZ
  62. Making Polka Dot Art
  63. Seeing if a frisbee flies straight in space
  64. Which swimming stroke gets you the furthest?
  65. Drinking 'urine water'
  66. Laying out a Japanese snack in line and eating them as you move forward
  67. Making an Original New Year’s Card to give to viewers
  68. Making different poses in zero-gravity
  69. Does your body rotate when you sneeze?
  70. Can you skip in space?
  71. The Eye Drop Challenge
  72. The Bubblegum Experiment
  73. Singing A Capella
  74. A memorable photo with the crew
  75. MZ-curated Spotify playlist made for space
  76. Looking at Earth from space
  77. Bringing back air from the ISS
  78. Do spinning tops keep swirling without stopping?
  79. Japanese ink calligraphy - Writing this year's word
  80. A video message from Earth
  81. Commenting on MZ's favorite space food
  82. Do you get stiff shoulders even in zero-gravity?
  83. Participating in an experiment in space
  84. Bidding at an Art Auction
  85. Capturing an Aurora on Film
  86. Monitoring MZ's physical condition in space
  87. Announcing what the first thing you want to do when you get back to Earth is
  88. Money Giveaway to Everyone!?
  89. The Fastest Round Trip Around the World
  90. Capturing World’s Most Famous Places From the ISS
  91. What is Space Sickness Like?
  92. A How-To on Wearing A Spacesuit
  93. Air Table Tennis
  94. Bringing Back Home the Spacecraft That Took MZ to the ISS
  95. A Photo Exhibition After Returning to Earth
  96. How Well Can MZ Sleep in Space?
  97. Stretching in Zero-Gravity
  98. MZ’s Adaptability to Gravity After Return
  99. Capturing Lightning from Space
  100. Finding Out What It Smells Like in Space

*Please note that there may be ideas and activities that will not be accomplished in the ISS due to various reasons.